Hotel LeVeque | Columbus, OH


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experience the impossible

Hidden inside Hotel LeVeque, in the heart of downtown Columbus, an intimate and theatrical experience awaits. Drew Murray combines elegant sleight of hand, gripping storytelling and moments of impossibility for each and every guest.

dinner and delight

Enjoy a cocktail, contemporay hor’dourves or one of our beloved classic dishes with a modern twist. Dining in The Keep Lounge or our open-kitchen will make your visit a mouthwatering experience. 


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A DYNAMIC performance that BOGGLES the mind just inches away from guests


a perfect balance

between grace & authenticity

An experience at Hotel LeVeque is a dazzling escape. The 149 room boutique hotel located in the heart of Downtown Columbus is sure to enchant each guest with stunning details ranging from custom, locally curated bath amenities to an inspiring signature starry turndown service.



Based in Columbus, OH, Drew Murray is a magician and the creator of Rare Magic. He has worked with organizations such as Facebook, Nationwide, Macy’s and The FBI at events around the world. 

private & corporate events

Give your guests an unforgettable night out for a private performance of Rare Magic. Dinner and Beverage packages available before or after the show. 


Rare Magic is an intimate and theatrical magic experience inside Hotel LeVeque. The show combines illusion, storytelling and moments of wonder for every guest.

The performance is approx. 70 minutes.

Tickets run $57 – $77 per person. Main Seating ($57) is the second and third row. Premier Seating ($77) includes a drink ticket and reserved front row seating.

Yes! Cocktails and beverages are available from The Keep Liquor Bar to have in the showroom. Dinner reservations in The Keep restaurant may be made before or after the show. We recommend 1.5 hours before the scheduled showtime if planning to dine beforehand.

While there is not a dress code, this is an elegant and upscale environment. Dressy casual attire is suggested. 

Seating is assigned in order of arrival at check-in. Premier seating is reserved for the front row. Our venue is ADA accessible. 

The experience is best designed for guests 18 or older. No children please.

While refunds are not accepted, contact us if you need to switch showtimes and we will do our best to help. If selling or transferring your tickets to another party, you will need to contact us to set-up a transfer.

Yes! Drew Murray frequently dazzles guests for private and corporate events of all kinds. Please contact us for booking information.